"We The People" Exhibit
Political Art in an Age of Discord

July 15, 3-4 p.m.
Artists' Talks
- Reception Following -

Barret Art Center
55 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Barbara Masterson is a contemporary plein-air artist whose passions for life and art are seen in her colorful canvases. When painting on location she uses oil bars; these are clunky chunks of color applied directly to the canvas/boards that have a new textural quality different from the brush. Using only the bars, her fingers and pieces of wood to scrape the pigment for application. Barbara is inspired by dramatic lighting of the landscape and the peaceful mountain farm which she lives on. Painting on location heightens the emotional charge and the sensual depth in Barbara’s work.

Winter of 2015-16 Barbara’s studio work changed... she returned to traditional oil paint and brush. She started painting the migrant farm workers on a large scale, "What are you thinking?" her first piece is 20x48”. She has painted this particular worker four times as of now. Once en plein air, two gouache and the large studio piece.

Recently seen by curator and gallery owner, Maryanne Syrek, "very powerful work and full of your energy. Great color and light as well."

"Noble Workers" was chosen for the Chronogram by their "parting shot" editor, Diana Waldron. It is in their May 2016 issue.

All paintings on this site ©Barbara Masterson. All rights reserved.